Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sloughhouse & Jackson

Andrew had a soccer tournament in Sacramento for the weekend and the Sunday game didn't go as planned...with a we were done much earlier than we planned. We decided to make the drive out to Slough house pumpkin patch and fruit stand and Jackson. Luke has been asking to take our family out to Jackson since he went out there with Aunt TT a couple years ago. He loved the old Main street and the yummy candy store. Despite him being so young he remembered a lot and his little face lit up when he found the candy store for all of us. It was a beautiful drive in the fall type weather. We also stopped off at the Slough house pumpkin patch. They had mommies favorite gourds and some yummy treats!

TIGERS Baseball Playoff Game

The boys got a special treat this year and daddy bought tickets for a baseball playoff game in Oakland. The A's were playing the Tigers in playoffs so they couldn't pass it up. They were all decked out in their Tiger gear..(brave boys in A's territory). They headed to the game with Mike, Lauren, and Jacob. Allie and I has a great girl's night at home. Even though the Tigers lost the game it was a very exciting game to be of the most exciting the dads said they had ever been too. The Tigers ended up playing in the World Series this year and the boys were very into the players and the games. It was so much fun to see their enthusiasm for baseball!

Tough Enough for PINK

Our soccer league does a Breast Cancer Fundraiser during the month of October. They ask all the teams to support the CAUSE by wearing some type of pink. I was so proud of our boys who sported their PINK with pride. LUke's team put pink duct tape around their legs and Andrew's had pink wrap around their legs as well. Both the boys put bright pink shoelaces in their shoes! THey looked great and I was very proud of the courage they showed out there in their pink!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fusion Dance

At Ruhkala the boys have been busy practicing with the Fusion Dance company. For 6 weeks they have been working on a routine with their classes. They were both very excited for the performances and showing us their skills. We were very curious to see these performances since dancing isn't always our boy's speciality. They performed on different nights so we were able to see all the classes perform. It was a very cute show and I was amazed at how great all the classes did. Luke got out there and danced like a champ, which was HUGE for him. Andrew showed off his moves, which was also a surprise to us! I feel so blessed to have my kids at such an amazing school that really gives them the opportunity to try new things. It was a very exciting week and 2 very fun evenings with our Ruhkala community!

Riptide Soccer

Andrew has been having an amazing season of soccer. He has really improved in some of his skills and has been playing a mean goalie and scoring many goals. His team is very exciting to watch. I find myself getting so excited for Saturday soccer games. The only bummer has been the overlap between boy's games, hence why I don't have as many pictures of the Riptide! So proud of you Andrew!!

Luke the Soccer Stud

Luke's soccer team is having a great season. They have gone un-defeated and have been very exciting to watch. Luke was excited to be team captain one game. They also had a very intense and close game where he played some amazing defense. He was out there fighting for the ball and giving it all he had. The entire league is doing a Tough Enough for Pink campaign for the month of October. The boys got really into it with all their pink gear. We are so proud of Luke and his soccer season so far!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Allie Starts Pre-School

It's official...we have begun our last year in the pre-school world. Our Allie started 4 year old pre-school!! She has a wonderful teacher named Mrs. Pearson. We went to meet her teacher the week before school started. She was an old pro at finding things in the classroom. Her room is actually the room that Andrew spent his first 2 years in. On Allie's first day she was excited to have her table decorated and to run through her sign. I knew getting dressed was going to be a challenge, even though she picked out her outfit at Target. She is in a very picky stage with clothes and shoes! I knew it was going to be a battle, so I braced myself for it and just did it...screaming and all! Once we got out of the house she was fine. She did great at drop off. I was sad, knowing this was my last pre-schooler! When I came to pick her up she was most excited that she had helped clean up the red table for Mrs. Pearson. Mrs. Pearson also let me know what a great helper she was. She had even cleaned up a table before all the kids were done at it! That's my girl!! She told everyone who asked about school that she cleaned up the table. I loved her message she left grandma, "hi grandma, school was good, I cleaned up the red table, I really tried my best, and it's Austin's first day of school." She was excited and proud!! I love that I still have her home 3 days a week with either Andy or I. I'm trying to hold onto my baby as long as I can!!